Monthly Donors Provide Continual Funding

Monthly giving

Please help us reach our annual goal with 3 more monthly donors by the end of 2022!

Monthly donations from supporters who identify with our mission and values provide continual resources throughout the year and make a sustainable impact every day for seniors and families.

Consider becoming a 2023 recurring monthly donor to support our mission: Keeping aging adults healthy, happy, and independent! Donations can be made by check or credit card each month.

Throughout 2022, members of the Monthly Giving Society contributed an annual $1,700. A $50 monthly gift becomes $600 for a calendar year. No minimum to join, and you may discontinue at any time. Join the Society and receive periodic newsletters showcasing the impact of your contributions.

Your monthly contributions in 2023 will make a difference in the lives of aging adults and their families.


“I give each month, so my neighbor can receive the help she needs. Giving monthly allows me to give more each year by giving a little each month.” – Lois


About Elder Care

Elder Care’s mission is to ensure that mature adults live happy, healthy, independent lives. We are a non-profit organization designed to be the central coordinator of services for mature adults and their families. We take pride in being a professional resource for aging services in Washington, Nowata, and Osage counties.

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Elder Care Development Director