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Merry Maddux

While Elder Care accepts cash gifts, we also accept stocks, tax-deferred 401(k)s, donor-advised funds, and qualified charitable IRA distributions. This broad array of giving options allows donors to include Elder Care in gifting strategies that fit their personal needs.

The Bartlesville Community Foundation is a resource available to anyone in the community. Jerry Maddux, an Elder Care board member, used a donor-advised fund to contribute to local charitable organizations. 

“We contacted the Bartlesville Community Foundation (BCF) and set up a donor-advised fund. Then we donated the stock to our fund at the BCF, which avoided paying income taxes on the appreciated value of the donated stock. Once the fund was established, we advised the BCF to gift Elder Care and other tax-exempt organizations from our fund. We selected the amount of the gift and the recipients. The BCF received a fee for its services, and Elder Care received the gift amount we designated.”

“This is an excellent way of giving. Elder Care makes its services available to all members of the community regardless of age. It is a needed service in Bartlesville and we happily support Elder Care, both financially and timewise. Using our donor-advised fund, the BCF helps make it possible for our family to support this worthwhile cause.”

According to Debbie Mueggenborg, CPA and Elder Care Board of Directors Treasurer, one way to make a charitable donation is to do so from a donor-advised fund. “Funds, such as those managed by the Bartlesville Community Foundation, are tools to help charitable individuals make a current tax-deduction donation to organizations like Elder Care during the current year or in subsequent years as Legacy Gifts or one-time contributions.

To learn more about making a gift of any amount to Elder Care using cash, stocks, IRAs, wills, and trusts, or from your donor-advised fund, contact Angie Thompson, Elder Care Director of Development, at 918-336-8500. 

Please visit with a tax professional or financial advisor about your giving options. If you wish to make a gift by stock or cash, more details about making donations to Elder Care, visit our Philanthropy page.

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Elder Care’s mission is to ensure that mature adults live happy, healthy, independent lives. We are a non-profit organization designed to be the central coordinator of services for mature adults and their families. We take pride in being a professional resource for aging services in Washington, Nowata, and Osage counties.

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