Adult Day Health & Activity Center

DayBreak offers compassion and peace of mind to families caring for loved ones in their own homes. Our adult day activity center provides social interaction and therapeutic activities for adults of various levels of physical and cognitive abilities who may need supervised care in a safe, supportive environment during the week. Our goal is to help families find a positive balance between caring for a loved one in the home with their own family, home, and work responsibilities.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 5:30 pm

About DayBreak

DayBreak is designed to enhance the lives of seniors and help them remain social and active in order to avoid premature placement in a nursing home. DayBreak is primarily for adults aged 60 and over who:

  • Are socially isolated
  • Have difficulty functioning independently in the community
  • Need help with personal care
  • Are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and/or stroke, etc.

DayBreak is the perfect choice for any family with a loved one who would benefit from social interaction or needs supervision during the day. Our team of compassionate caregivers sets Elder Care apart from any other program in the state. Each participant becomes part of the Elder Care family and will experience home-away-from-home loving care.

DayBreak also offers short-term respite care where caregivers can bring their loved ones in for one day or as many days as necessary in order to take care of their own needs.

For more information on costs and arrangements for short-term respite care at DayBreak, give us a call at (918) 336-8500 or email us at

Reasons to Attend DayBreak

  • Health monitoring
  • Nutritionally balanced meals & snacks
  • Assistance with bathing, & dressing
  • Transportation services
  • One-on-one activities
  • A full day of activities
  • Exercise program
  • And more!

Enhance Fitness Program

DayBreak offers Enhance Fitness to its participants. Enhance Fitness is a nationwide fitness program based on scientific research and input from older adults. Enhance Fitness combines the three key components of fitness: strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning. The program offers older adults a one-hour class that provides a warm-up, aerobic activity, strength training with light weights, stretching, and a cool-down. The instructor has gone through special training in fitness for older adults and is certified in Enhance Fitness.

These fitness classes are casual, safe, and fun while increasing participants’ strength, boosting activity levels, and elevating participants physically and emotionally. We meet three times a week.

Five Day FREE Trial

DayBreak offers a 5-day free trial, with no obligation. To learn more, call Shelia at (918) 336-8500.

Payment Options

Payment options include ADvantage, VA, Private Pay, and grant opportunities (available to those who qualify).


Transportation is available to DayBreak members in Bartlesville, Dewey, and Nowata.

Have Questions?

We want to hear from you! For more information about DayBreak, give us a call at (918) 336-8500 or email us at