Elder Care is dementia-friendly Oklahoma certified

[Bartlesville, Oklahoma] – May 2, 2024  — Elder Care

Elder Care announced today that their staff has received the Dementia-Friendly Oklahoma training and is certified as a Dementia-Friendly Oklahoma Partner.

According to Executive Director, Christina Bishop, employees received training regarding recognizing signs of dementia and assisting individuals. “Over 70,000 Oklahomans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, with many of them living in our own community. Bettering our understanding of dementia and dementia friendly practices helps these individuals – our friends, family, and neighbors – stay engaged as active and valued members of our community. We are proud that our organization embraced this initiative to become a partner with the Oklahoma Department of Health.”

The Dementia-Friendly Oklahoma training and recognition program is part of the Oklahoma Healthy Brain initiative program that seeks to promote brain health, address cognitive impairment, and address the needs of caregivers. The initiative is focused on improving early detection and diagnosis of cognitive impairment, increasing awareness and education, reducing risk, and preventing comorbidities.

About Elder Care

Elder Care’s mission is to ensure that mature adults live happy, healthy, independent lives. We are a non-profit organization designed to be the central coordinator of services for mature adults and their families. We take pride in being a professional resource for aging services in Washington, Nowata, and Osage counties.

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