Life movements

Stability & Balance Fitness Programs

Life Movements are our low-impact fitness programs that focuses on components related to better exercise performance and the completion of daily physical tasks. Stability and balance training contribute to improved joint health, greater force output, and efficient performance of daily movement.

Gentle Yoga

Lesta Morrison, Instructor

Gentle Yoga incorporates gentle stretching, core strengthening, and breathing. Lesta Morrison leads participants through gentle stretches for core strengthening that emphasize endurance, postural correction, and coordinated balance.
Group exercise classes are open to adults of all ages and skill levels. Class size is limited. Participants must pass screening to participate.

Life Movements RENEW!



Socialize and exercise with a group fitness class. Tarah Jones is a nationally certified group fitness instructor, teaching various aspects of group fitness for 9 years. You may recognize Tarah from fitness classes at ConocoPhillips, Bartlesville Physical Rehabilitation, the City of Bartlesville Library, and many private classes she has led.

Life Movements RENEW! focuses on balance, stability, everyday muscle movements, light cardio, strength, and endurance training. Open to all adults. Limited to 8 per class, with a minimum of 5 participants to make a class. Pre-screening required.