DayBreak offers a five-day FREE Trial.

DayBreak Adult Day Health provides a sense of purpose, fun with friends, social interaction, fitness, nutritious meals, and health monitoring plus a spirit of independence.  

Participants attend DayBreak for a variety of reasons, but all participants enjoy the comradery and activities. 

“I love coming to DayBreak,” says Nadeen Hester who has been attending DayBreak for several years. “My daughters heard about DayBreak and thought I might like it – and I do!” 

“DayBreak helps me get out and exercise. If you stay in the house and sit all day, you get to where you can’t get around. Exercise is very important.” 

“I like to come to DayBreak for the fellowship. I also enjoy playing Dominos and participating in the Bible study we have on Fridays. I have made friends over the past three years.” 

Many older adults face isolation or loneliness after retirement or the passing of a spouse. Sometimes, they can even lose a sense of purpose. DayBreak restores that purpose by providing social activities, arts and crafts, fitness classes, and games, plus nutritious meals.  

“DayBreak is a wonderful place,” says Melvin Barnes who has been attending DayBreak for twelve years. “DayBreak offers me a peaceful and quiet environment.” 

“I enjoy painting. It makes me feel good to paint, but I never would have had this experience without DayBreak. I learned to paint while attending DayBreak. I have also learned how to trust myself and my ability more. DayBreak has given me confidence in myself.” 

“Everyone is like family at DayBreak. We all look out for and help each other. We love each other.” 

DayBreak also supports families by providing a nurturing place for their loved ones to come during the day for social activities in a caring environment with the added benefit of allowing the family caregivers to remain in the workforce or receive needed respite. This situation enhances the quality of life for both the participants and the family caregivers. Loved ones can continue to live at home with added care and support. 

DayBreak is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Local transportation is available. If you would like to start your FREE 5-day DayBreak experience, please call Shelia at 918-336-8500.

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Elder Care’s mission is to ensure that mature adults live happy, healthy, independent lives. We are a non-profit organization designed to be the central coordinator of services for mature adults and their families. We take pride in being a professional resource for aging services in Washington, Nowata, and Osage counties.

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