PWR! Moves

Let’s Get Moving!

Excellence in physical therapy is our motto, and it’s our way of life at Elder Care. We provide the highest quality physical therapy treatments to promote wellness for adults in our community.

About PWR! Moves

Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR!) has researched and developed cutting-edge exercise regimens for the treatment of people with PD. Aerobic exercise with large amplitude, high intensity (relative to your functional level), and intentional movements is the key. People with PD have lost aspects of their body awareness and their automaticity of movements. Their brains are telling them that moving slow and small is good enough. The opposite is true.

PWR! Moves promotes forced pace, varied sequence, functional movement patterns in an array of body positions ranging from back, belly, all-fours, sitting, and standing. The movements can be tailored to your individual interests or limitations, providing improvements to your everyday function. The new reality is that specific exercise has been shown to promote brain change, allowing people with PD to not only maintain their level of function but GET BETTER MOVEMENTS.

Class Times

Monday & Wednesday
12:00 pm

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Prior to your evaluation, we will verify your insurance and gather some pertinent health information.

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