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Care Management helps you and your loved one live with the challenges of aging. This service provides a service coordinator who is an advocate and advisor and who will help you maintain independence by enjoying safe, comfortable living conditions in your home for as long as possible. Our care managers’ expertise translates into peace of mind for you and your family.

How does Care Management help our family?

When family members and caregivers find the responsibilities of caring for a loved one affecting their work, health, and personal lives, Care Management can help. We will offer guidance, develop a customized care plan and supervise an elderly person’s care.

Care Managers are trained to observe the signs, symptoms, and conditions of aging that are significant or need immediate attention. This will help your family feel more at ease knowing your loved one is receiving one-on-one care from a trained, caring professional.

Intended to help both individuals and their caregivers, Care Management can help you sort through Medicare and other related services to save you valuable time, expense and worry.

Care Management may be provided privately or covered through the ADvantage program. Contact our Intake Coordinator at (918) 336-8500 to determine which program will meet your needs.

What do Care Managers do?

Care Managers visit the client and/or caregiver in the home to perform an initial assessment. Based on the assessment of the individual’s mental and physical capabilities, the home environment, finances, and social support system, a care plan is customized to meet the needs of your loved one. The Care Manager works with the team of health care professionals in the community to assure delivery of services designed to keep the individual in the home safely and comfortably.

Coordination of care may include team meetings with the provider, client and family, home visits by the care manager to assure the needs of your loved one are being met and care is delivered, and make any adjustments to the plan if necessary.

Our Care Managers are well-trained, professional, caring people who understand how and why the problems of aging may cause us to lose our ability to successfully manage some or all of these aspects of living independently.

How long is a Care Manager needed?

Care Management may be short-term care or long-term care depending on the condition of your loved one, the family’s concerns, and the support system available.

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