DayBreak offers compassion and peace of mind to families caring for loved ones in their own homes. We provide social interaction and therapeutic activities for adults of various levels of physical and cognitive abilities who may need supervised care in a safe, supportive environment during the week. Our goal is to help families find a positive balance between caring for a loved one in the home with their own family, home and work responsibilities.

Who should attend DayBreak?

DayBreak was designed to enhance the lives of seniors and help people remain social and active in order to avoid premature placement in a nursing home. DayBreak is primarily for adults aged 60 and over who:

  • Are socially isolated
  • Need to regain a sense of purpose
  • Have difficulty functioning independently in the community
  • Need help with personal care
  • Experience memory loss
  • Are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and/or stroke, etc.

Why choose Elder Care’s DayBreak Program?

DayBreak is the perfect choice for any family with a loved one who would benefit from social interaction or needs supervision during the day. Our team of compassionate caregivers sets Elder Care apart from any other program in the state. Each participant becomes part of the Elder Care family and will experience home-away-from-home loving care.

10 Powerful Reasons to Attend DayBreak

  • DayBreak offers supervision and protection for your loved one in a fun and enriching environment (daily transportation may be provided).
  • We work with a participant’s doctor to help monitor blood pressure, administer medication and more to ensure the best level of care.
  • Our team is dedicated to ensuring each participant feels welcome, included and part of something very special.
  • DayBreak may provide dignified assistance with feeding at meal time, bathing, dressing or other personal care needs.
  • DayBreak offers group and one-on-one activities that enhance the development of friendships and mental stimulation.
  • We serve wholesome, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks that are prepared on-site daily by our professional chef.
  • Your loved one will enjoy a full day of activities in a supportive environment with friends.
  • We offer a range of activities to cater to all interests and hobbies, such as music, dancing, gardening, field trips, sporting events, arts and crafts and much more.
  • We promote health and happiness through daily exercise programs.
  • Participants in our award-winning art therapy program have displayed their skills in quarterly art fairs and have been featured at the Price Tower, the Bartlesville Public Library and the Washington County Fair.

Enhance Fitness Program Available
Elder Care’s DayBreak program offers Enhance Fitness to its participants. Enhance Fitness is a nation-wide fitness program based on scientific research and input from older adults.

Enhance Fitness combines the three key components of fitness: strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. Enhance Fitness offers older adults a one-hour class that provides a warm-up, aerobic activity, strength training with light weights, stretching and a cool-down. The instructor has gone through special training in fitness for older adults and is certified in Enhance Fitness.

These fitness classes are casual, safe and fun and meet three days a week. Enhance Fitness increases strength in participants, boosts activity levels and elevates participants physically and emotionally.

How do we know if DayBreak is right for us?

Living as independently as possible is a goal that older adults share. But due to various circumstances that require assistance with everyday living, it simply may not be possible. Our mission is to ensure your loved ones receive quality care while participating in a fun, social, supportive and safe environment.
If you would like to schedule a visit to tour our facility and learn more about DayBreak and our other Elder Care programs, e-mail us at or call 918-336-8500.

DayBreak Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Payment Information
Private Pay
Grant (available to those who qualify)

Transportation may be Available

Monday – Friday
in Bartlesville, Dewey and Nowata

Respite Care
DayBreak at Elder Care is offering short-term respite care Monday through Friday 7:30am-5:30pm. Caregivers can bring their loved ones in for one day or as many days as necessary in order to take care of their own needs.

Respite care provides a “short break” for caregivers who are caring for family members, usually in their own homes. While caring for loved ones can be very rewarding, sometimes the caregivers need time to take care of themselves.

The focus of short-term respite care is often on the caregiver who may be getting the break, but the participant who is receiving the care is rewarded as well. At DayBreak, participants eat a nutritious meal, socialize with friends, participate in group activities, take part in therapeutic art and even exercise while they spend the day at DayBreak.

For more information on costs and arrangements for short-term respite care at DayBreak Monday through Friday please call Elder Care at 918-336-8500 or email:

Elder Care
Elder Care

Elder Care

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