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Brighter Living Transportation

Elder Care offers transportation services through our Brighter Living program. Brighter Living’s fee-based transportation service provides dependability, flexibility and our guaranteed commitment to ensure you or your loved ones get to your appointment on time.

Your driver companion will arrive at your home or another designated location, take you to your appointment and wait for you onsite.  Then the companion will ensure you are able to get home, to the pharmacy, or run errands immediately after your appointment so you don’t have to wait.  

For more information on this transportation service or other Brighter Living services, call


DayBreak Transportation

Elder Care offers transportation for DayBreak participants to come and enjoy the company of others during the day at DayBreak. This includes Bartlesville, Dewey and Nowata residents.  Participants can either be picked up at their indivudal homes or at a meeting place, depending on the situation. To spend the day at Elder Care, schedule a pick-up by the DayBreak van by calling 918-336-8500.

CityRide Circuit                                                  

The Bartlesville CityRide Curcuit is a flexible fixed-route system designed to address the unmet transportation needs of Washington County in order to improve economic development and enhance a quality of life. This new bus route makes a circuit from the west side of Bartlesville to the east side and back again. The route takes one hour and there are various stopping points at which you may enter or exit the bus.

If you have an appointment at Elder Care, it is possible to ask the bus driver to drop you off at our front door between the DHS stop and the Wal-Mart stop and ask the driver to then return to Elder Care on the next drive through the circuit, one hour later.

Cost per ride is 25 cents. For more information, click on the link here to view the bus route and times:

or visit: www.cityridecircuit.org



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